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LOWEST PRICE for bolt, nut, screw, washer or BS EN 10230-1:2000 PA Paper Collated Strip Nails 35deg-Angle directly from the Factory or Distributor! Buy Fasteners & Fixings Online B2B with any fastener surface treatment.

BS EN 10230-1:2000 PA Paper Collated Strip Nails 35deg-Angle 3.1x75mm Low Carbon C1018 Bright Half red vinyl Coated Ring D-Hd

Get these Paper Collated Strip Nails 35deg-Angle directly manufacturered or shipped from the factory or distributor. Looking for any other fastener surface treatment than Bright Half red vinyl Coated, size bigger or smaller than 3.1x75mm? Search the database for any alternative than BS EN 10230-1:2000 PA or select below the origin, quantity and order directly!

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  • Itemcode BSPALC8BMJD3EM075C4EE000H
    Diameter 3.1
    Length 75mm
    Material Low Carbon C1018
    Surface Bright Half red vinyl Coated
    Specification BS EN 10230-1:2000 PA
    Head D-Hd
    Pitch Coarse
    Type thread Ring
    Shape tip Diamond point
    Packing 2200 pcs/Box
    Weight / 1000pcs 4.58
    Weight / Packing 10.07
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  • Over 15 years experience
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