Integrated supply chain


We are committed to improving the quality of our products and services, which is why we audit them during delivery. We also offer on-site audits as part of this process so that you can always make sure what's being delivered matches up with your expectations!

Our Audit Services include:

Code of Conduct Audits

Product Quality Audits

Manufacturing Audits

Supply Chain Audits

Risk Management Audits

Manufacturers can also request a audit to become a preferred ARAMFIX manufacturer. Contact us!

ISO 9001:2015 - ISO 26000 - ISO 14001:2015 - ISO 45001


Most performed audits

As a independed party we offer audits at manufacturing sites. The most performed audits you see here below.



Working with life ethics, market conform wages and no child labor. Maybe this last topic is on priority of your list, but while a good looking company can abuse the law. An onsite audit to verify the processes, procedures and interviews with work staff will give a different insight in your ethics. Code of Conducts audits starts from 800USD + travel expenses and interpreter.



Products have been manufactured and need to be validated. We perform independend testing. Testing of hardness, material composition, strength, tensile testing, microscopic analyses, ductility, corrosion tests, and many more. Quality inspections can be performed before products leave the factory of origin.



Instead on focussing what is coming out of the plant we focus ourselves of what comes-in and how manufacturing is organised. What are the machine parameters, machines conditions and what are the process weaknesses. To concentrate ourselves on the process weaknesses we can improve the standard quality. Manufacturing audits starts from 2500USD + travel expenses and interpreter.



A well organised organisation does risk control. A supply interruption can be hazardous to the supply chain. To avoid issues in your supply chain we perform analyses to show the weaknesses of your supply/manufacturing plant. Risk Management audits starts from 5500USD + travel expense and interpreter.


  • In general the audit takes approx the following time:

    Code of Conduct 0,5 day

    Product Quality Depending on quanity and test method.

    Manufacturing 1-2 day operation, for small/mid size companies.

    Supply Chain 2-3 day operation, for small/mid size companies.

    Risk Management 3-5 day operation, for small/mid size companies.

  • No, when you would like to receive correct information a ARAMFIX verified team member have to be onsite. That is the only way we can control reliable information.

  • No, especially with foreign languages that the auditor doesn't speak we have to use a independed intrepreter, most of the time this is not too costly, but needed to verify inside information.

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